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About Us

Formation and Services

The Riverside Fire Authority (RFA) was officially established on January 1, 2008. The RFA joined the existing resources from the Centralia Fire Department and Lewis County Fire District 12 to provide fire and emergency medical services to the city of Centralia and the surrounding neighborhoods. The Riverside Fire Authority provides the following high quality fire, rescue and EMS services: Fire Suppression, Rescue and Hazardous Materials Responses Emergency Medical Aid and Advanced Life Support Fire and Life Safety Inspections, Public Fire Safety and Prevention Education, Fire Investigation Services, and Construction Fire Code Plan Review.
STATION 1 512 N. Pearl Street Centralia (360) 330-9854 Career Staffed Station
STATION 2 1818 Harrison Avenue Centralia (360) 736-3975 Career Staffed Station
STATION 3 161 Big Hanaford Road Centralia Volunteer Station
STATION 4 2378 Seminary Hill Road Centralia (360) 736-1693 Volunteer Station
STATION 5 3715 Cooks Hill Road Centralia (360) 736-3728 Volunteer Station
STATION 6 2237 Lincoln Creek Road Centralia (360) 807-8719 Volunteer Station
STATION 7 649 Independence Road Rochester Volunteer Station
STATION 8 1220 Garrard Creek Road Oakville Volunteer Station
RIVERSIDE FIRE AUTHORITY 1818 Harrison Avenue Centralia, Washington 98531
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Station Locations

The Riverside Fire Authority responds to all 9-1-1 calls, and requests for medical assistance within it's response area and neighboring communities, if needed. Fire fighters responding on engines and medic units provide initial assessment, care, and treatment of sick and injured patients.  Transport of these patients to hospitals is primarily provided by American Medical Response.  When private ambulances are not available, Riverside Fire Authority paramedics and emergency medical technicians are fully equipped and trained to transport patients to regional hospitals. In additon, Riverside Fire Authority provides back-up transport services to all agencies under contract  with American Medical Response in Lewis County and the City of Oakville in Grays Harbor County.  Initial care of patients is performed by Riverside Fire Authority firefighters who are trained as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs), and Paramedics. All Riverside Fire Authority stations are capable of providing Basic Life Support (BLS) service, which includes such skills as CPR and AED (Automated External Defibrillator), oxygen and airway management, and trauma care. In addition to our BLS service, our career staffed stations are equipped and capable of providing Advanced Life Support (ALS) service, which includes intravenous therapy, advanced cardiac care with 12-lead EKG interpretation, medication administration, advanced airway techniques, and more  invasive treatments and monitoring, as needed.
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