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Fire Marshal

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About the Fire Marshal's Office

The Fire Marshal's Office of the Riverside Fire Authority applies the regulations set forth in both State and Local codes. The Division assists with the development of safe environments in new occupancies and maintains fire and life safety in existing buildings.

The Fire Marshal's Office is responsonsible for preventive inspections for places of assembly; as well as, multi-residential and commercial occupancies. The Fire Marshal's office enforces applicable codes from the 2018 International Fire Code. It also oversees or directly investigates fires, Life Safety Code violations, and complaints. We strive for the highest standard of service for citizens that live, work and conduct business in the Riverside Fire Authority. By seeking out, informing, encouraging and assisting our local residents and contractors with all aspects of Life Safety Codes, Fire Prevention, and Fire Code Enforcement. The Fire Marshal’s Office has broad authority and is responsible for enforcing policies, regulations, standards, procedures, plans, and programs applicable to all fire, rescue, and emergency medical service operations