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Governance & Administration

Board of Governance

The Riverside Fire Authority Board of Governance consists of five members who are elected at large from residents living the Riverside Fire Authority service area. This five-member board serves as the legislative body, guiding and overseeing the fire authority.

The Riverside Fire Authority Governance Board is responsible for the execution of the voter-approved plan per RCW 52.26.

The purpose of the RFA Governance Board is to:

  • Exercise powers and perform duties as the Board determines necessary to carry out the purposes, functions, and projects of the Authority.
  • Levy taxes as authorized in the plan and approved by Authority voters.
  • Enter into agreements with federal, state, local, and regional entities and departments as necessary to accomplish authority purposes and protect the authority's investments.
  • Accept grants, or other contributions of funds that will support the purposes and programs of the authority.
  • Monitor and audit the progress and execution of fire protection and emergency service projects to protect the investment of the public and annually make public its findings.
  • Pay for services and enter into leases and contracts, including professional service contracts.
  • Hire, manage, and terminate employees.
  • An authority may enforce fire codes as provided under chapter 19.27 RCW.


Daily emergency and administrative functions are managed by a Fire Chief/Fire Marshal, and an Assistant Fire Chief of Operations & Training.