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Public Records Requests --                             Riverside Fire Authority (Centralia, WA)

The RFA will make available for public inspection and/or photocopying all public records generated by RFA unless the record falls within specific exempted areas of local, state or federal law. 

Please submit your request by completing and submitting the Records Request form linked to the right.  If you are requesting medical records, please attach a Medical Release Form before submitting.

Misty Henning is the RFA's Public Records Officer and can be reached by calling 360-736-3975 or emailing

A fee for copies of records will be charged consistent with state regulations.  There shall be no copying charge for a customer requesting records pertaining to their own account.  There shall be no charge for copying 10 or fewer pages of records with regard to any one request, or multiple requests within a five-day period.  Otherwise, the RFA shall charge according to the following statutory default fee schedule:

  • $.15 / page paper copies
  • $.10 / page scanned into electronic format
  • $.05 / 4 files or attachments provided by electronic delivery
  • $.10 / gigabyte of electronic records transmission

(Charges can be combined if more than one type of charge applies.  Additional charges may be added for actual costs of storage media, container, envelope, and postage/delivery charge.)